Francesca Campana

Born: c. 1610, Rome, Italy
Died: 1665, Rome Italy



Francesca Campana, likely from Rome, was a “brilliant singer, keyboard player and composer,” according to poet, Fulvio Testi. In 1629, she published a book of twelve Arie a una, due e tre voci (Arias for one, two and three voices) that was presented to Signor Don Luigi Gonzaga with this dedication; “I dedicate it to Your Excellence because, should I be accused of being too daring for publishing it, at least I must be commended as judicious for the dedication, since, with the patronage of such a Prince, I acquire singular merit for my compositions.” Also in 1629, two of her works, Pargoletta vezzosetta, for solo voice, and Donna, se’l mio servir, a continuo madrigal for two voices, were published by Robletti, a major printer in Rome, indicating the popularity of her compositions. Campana continued singing after this point but there is no record that she published further. She later married Giovan Carlo Rossi, an organist and the brother of composer, Luigi Rossi, in Rome, around 1633. She died in 1665.


The following selections are recommended for vocal study and programming on recitals and concerts.
Please note that this list does may constitute the entirety of the composer's output. 


Arie a una, due e tre voci (1629)
Semplicetto augellin che mentri canti
S’io ti guardo ti sdegno
Occhi belli, occhi amati (madrigal for 3 voices)

Donna, se‘l mio servir

Pargoletta, vezzosetta from La Risonanti Sfere





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