A Modern Reveal:
Songs & Stories of Women Composers

A majority of the most influential women composers throughout history reached professional achievement by successfully navigating societal and familial restraints that would have made it otherwise impossible to compose and publish their works. Many struggled to maintain careers and utilize their compositional talents but the results of their fearless efforts are astounding. These women contributed tremendously to the musical societies in which they lived, and, in many cases, they even had the artistic freedom to write harmonically daring pieces.

The music available by each of these composers has much to teach us both technically and dramatically. There is room for these works to have their well deserved place in our daily vocal repertory and we hope that this website creates the impetus to achieve just that. Though they aren’t fully integrated in music history studies, there is no doubt that the influences of every composer on this site was felt very strongly and helped create a way for future composers — both women and men — to write significant works.

Research about women composers is not a new field of study. Bold strides were made beginning in the 1970s by a group of dedicated historians and we owe tremendous gratitude to each and every musicologist and writer who has added valuable resources and helped us access the music and stories available on this website.

We encourage you to use the resources here to learn about the women that paved the way for future composers and performers of all genders. We hope the stories and music we share in A Modern Reveal will inspire and move you to strive for your own musical and educational goals. 

We hope you will explore, read, listen, learn, and sing this wonderful music often.