Lucia Quinciani

Born: c. 1566, fl.1611
Died: Unknown



Lucia Quinciani’s monody, Udite lagrimosi spirti d’Averno, udite, was likely one of the earliest monodies ever published, and is the only composition for which she is remembered. This piece appeared in Marc' Antonio Negri’s second collection of monodies and duets titled Affetti amorosi (1611). Quinciani was a pupil of Negri, who was born in Verona and later worked at the Basilica San Marco in Venice during Monteverdi’s tenure there. Quinciani may well have worked in Verona and Venice but little is known of her life or work. The ongoing success and longevity of her single famous piece is a testament to her musical and compositional talents and the reception of those abilities while she lived.


The following selection is recommended for vocal study and programming on recitals and concerts.
Please note this is the only known composition by this composer.




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